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Into Speed Event: Start your motorsport journey with us

‘Have a Go’ ….. the object is to provide women with opportunities to get involved in the sport with the support of the BWRDC and Motorsport UK, the governing body of motorsport in this country.

How to ‘have a go’ behind the wheel...

Hillclimbing is the ideal discipline to dip your toe in the water as you can use your own road car, it’s against time rather than on track at close proximity to other competition cars and it’s reasonably priced. The initial level of commitment and cost for a school taster day is relatively low and if you enjoy the experience (which we hope you will!), the BWRDC is here to help and support you if you wish, to follow it through and take part in a competitive event. Or who knows, you might like to try other disciplines such as racing around a track, rallying or karting.

What is Hillclimbing?

Hillclimbing is when a car is raced from a standing start along tarmac to a finish point further up a winding hill – each competition run is timed. Think of driving along a narrow country lane with twists and turns! Hillclimbing shouldn’t be confused with driving up a muddy hill which are ‘Trials’.

Don’t fancy getting behind the wheel? How else can I get involved?

There are many other roles that are all crucial to an event running smoothly:

  • Marshalling – often known as the ‘orange army’ as identified by the wearing of protective orange overalls. Marshals are needed at various points along the course to work together observing, waving flags, assisting in car recovery etc, as well as liaising with competitors in the paddock, which is where all the competition cars are parked during the event.

  • Timekeepers – working within a team, recording the competitors’ times and positions in order to determine the event results.

  • Race Control – responsible for the smooth running of the meeting including the safety of all involved.

  • Commentary – working as part of a team situated at various positions along the course in a commentary hut.

  • Administration – support in the lead up or on the day with administration tasks, perhaps selling club merchandise on the day or liaising behind the scenes.

Start your motorsport journey with us. The BWRDC will provide support and encouragement in partnership with Motorsport UK.


When are the events?

Run by Harewood Hillclimb, with licensed Association of Hillclimb and Sprint School Instructors  


Thursday 28th March 2024


  • Use your own road car 

  • Many female organisers and instructors 

  • Informative and fun 

  • You might already be involved in motorsport supporting a partner or friend – how about ‘having a go’ away from the spotlight? 

  • If you want to try marshalling, there will be shadowing/observing opportunity for non-competitors at this event too. 



Hosted by TCS Motorsport.


Tuesday 21st May 2024


  • Half day event beginning at 12.30 for arrival briefings and track walk

  • Picnic lunch with unlimited drinks and snacks all afternoon

  • Track time 14:00 - 17:00

  • One-to-one in-car instruction in your own car or TCS Twingo RS

  • Solo observed runs in your own car

  • Only one vehicle on track at any time

  • No pressure with timing, emphasis on technique

  • Relaxed, fun afternoon to improve your driving techniques

  • Crash helmets available for loan


Take part in the competitive event in your road or competition car or come and join us for the day and look behind the scenes at supporting roles for example marshalling, Race Control, timekeeping, administration, commentary. 



Saturday 4th May 2024 at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, Worcestershire 

Saturday 8th June 2024 at Prescott Hillclimb, Gloucestershire 

Saturday 3rd August 2024 at Harewood Hillclimb, Yorkshire 


Shelsley Walsh & Ellie at Brands Hatch

If you are interested or have any questions, contact us via Facebook or complete the GET IN TOUCH form below. These competitive events are open to all but if you do wish to enter, join the club (adding the note 'Into Speed') and we can support you regardless of whether you have taken part in the Harewood School Taster Day or not. 


If you would like to experience at any of the supporting roles at these events and to see behind the scenes, we invite you to join us as a Supporter member (adding the note 'Into Speed') and register your interest in the event.  This will enable us to send you more information and help us to deliver the best day for you. 


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