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Hillclimb School Taster Day at Harewood Hillclimb




 “Have you booked your Taster Day yet?”



Run by Harewood Hillclimb, with licensed AHASS (Association of Hillclimb and Sprint School) instructors.


Come along for a fun day out and experience the Thrill of the Hill, driving the North's premier Speed Hillclimb course. As you drive up the hill in your own car, unlike at any other venue, your Harewood Academy Instructor will be sitting right beside you, offering the unique opportunity of one to one tuition.

Driving Academy places sell out incredibly quickly so book early to avoid  disappointment.

When, Where and how much is it?

Thursday 28th March 2024

Harewood Speed Hillclimb, Harewood Avenue, Harewood, Leeds LS17 9LA



Harewood Speed Hillclimb, Harewood Ave, Harewood, Leeds LS17 9LA

About Harewood Academy

Approx timings for your day


08:15 Arrive, sign on, tea/coffee & biscuits.

09:00 Brief introductory talk

09:15 Walk the hill with your Instructor.

10:15 Instructor accompanied run in your car, followed by individual runs

12:30 An excellent Lunch followed by a review of the morning runs

13:45 Individual & Instructor accompanied runs continue

15:45 Stop for tea & cake and review of the afternoon runs

16:00 Presentation of Certificates & Awards


  • Use your own road car

  • Many female organisers and instructors

  • Informative and fun

  • You might already be involved in motorsport supporting a partner or friend – how about ‘having a go’ away from the spotlight?

  • If you want to try marshalling, there will be shadowing/observing opportunity for non-competitors at this event too.


Full details and T&C’s please can be found on the Harewood website.


To book your place follow this link:


More details about your day

Following signing on and early morning coffee your day will start with a brief introductory talk. You will be introduced to your instructor, who will then lead your group in a “walk of the hill”. This is an essential part of the tuition, explaining the characteristics of the corners, entry points, clipping points and exit points which are marked out with cones to help you remember. 


There will be support from BWRDC representatives during the day to provide encouragement and morale support as needed. 


You will then collect your car and drive up to the paddock. On your first run of the day you will be accompanied by your instructor, followed by individual runs. Each run is filmed with the camera moving from corner to corner. 


At lunch time whilst you are enjoying your well-deserved lunch, the morning’s runs will be reviewed with the instructors commenting and highlighting both the good points and areas where there is room for improvement. 


After lunch the remaining corners will be filmed (with the marker cones removed). During the afternoon runs you will once again be accompanied by your instructor and the final assessment of your driving talents will be made!! 


Whilst taking afternoon tea there will be a further review of the afternoon's runs followed by the presentation of certificates with two awards, one for the "Highest points scorer" and one for the "Most improved driver of the day". 


What you need


  • You will need to bring suitable clothing to fully cover torso, arms and legs to wear when driving on the course, plus appropriate clothing for the weather!! 

  • Remember to bring a crash helmet (helmets can be provided free of charge if required).  

  • An everyday road car operating within road legal limits including tax and MOT and on road legal tyres.  

  • One car may be shared by two drivers, each must pay the full fee and complete a separate booking form. 

  • No competition experience or competition licence is required.  

  • The Taster Day is open to all drivers of 16 years old and over.

  • For Marshalling experience walking boots, all weather clothing, sun cream and snacks are advised. 


Everyone will be supported by the BWRDC whether coming solo or with guest. 


If you would like to speak to a BWRDC member about this simply complete the GET IN TOUCH form below and progress with us!


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