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Hillclimb Competitive Events & Supporting Roles Taster Days


  • Take part in the competitive event in your road or competition car (you don’t have to have taken part in the Harewood Taster Day in order to take part in the BWRDC Intro into Speed supported Hillclimb events)

  • Alternatively, come and join us for the day and look behind the scenes at supporting role opportunities for example marshalling, Race Control, timekeeping, administration and commentary.

When & Where

Saturday 4th May 2024

Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb, Worcestershire

Saturday 8th June 2024

Prescott Hillclimb, Gloucestershire

Saturday 3rd August 2024

Harewood Hillclimb, Yorkshire


Each event’s timings are slightly different but as an overview, here are the order of events:

Sign on

2 Practice runs – times don’t count towards competition

Lunch break

2 Timed runs – times count towards class position

What you need

  • Motorsport UK Competition licence – as a beginner, you will need a RS Interclub licence (Currently £78) 

  • Fireproof race suit

  • Fireproof gloves

  • Crash helmet

  • You may need an FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) depending on the car you are driving 

  • For regulations on the above – here’s a link to the Motorsport UK 2024 Year Book

  • An every day road car operating within road legal limits, including Tac and MOT and on road legal tyres or if you might want to have a go in a competition car if the owner is willing to share – go for it!

  • One car may be shared by two drivers taking part in the BWRDC initiative, each must pay the full fee and complete a separate entry form.

  • Events open to all drivers of 16 years old and over

  • Entry fees for each event yet to be announced but usually in the region of £150 – £175

  • Club membership – you will need to be a competitor member of the BWRDC

  • To read and accept the regulations for each event entered (your BWRDC mentor will help with understanding)

  • For any supporting roles: walking boots, all weather clothing, sun cream and snacks are advised.

There is a wealth of information available to beginners – from the BWRDC and other clubs and organisations and of course Motorsport UK. The BWRDC is here to support you so we can advise or point you in the right direction!

Supporting Roles

The BWRDC will host an ‘Into Speed hub’ as a support resource for your day with tea/coffee/biscuits, the chance to chat with BWRDC committee, other members and like-minded female competitors and supporters.

Look behind the scenes at the following supporting roles:


  • Marshalling

  • Race Control

  • Timekeeping

  • Administration

  • Commentary

If you would like to take part, simply complete the GET IN TOUCH form below and our membership secretary (Jeremy) will be in touch with more details.


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