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Women in Motorsport from 1945

Fangio, Moss, Stewart, Mansell, Senna, Schumacher! Ask almost anyone, male or female, and they will know you are talking motor sport.


Pat Moss, Michèle Mouton, Lella Lombardi, Desiré Wilson however, may not get the same response, but these are just four of a large number of relatively unknown, significant, women drivers who have a collection of impressive motor sport achievements between them.


This book has been written to acknowledge over 200 women from the last 60 years.


It is not about women's liberation and does not set out to be political, pro-women, or anti-men. It simply tries to illustrate what women have achieved in a sport where they have happily chosen to compete equally alongside all other competitors, and where results are collectively measured.


The aim is to encourage the participation of more women in motor sport, across the world.


Although produced in the UK, the publication also acknowledges a large number of competitors from Europe, together with a selection of drivers from the Americas, Australia and African Continent.


A remarkable book about extraordinary women, which it is hoped will serve as a unique reference, and be of interest and inspiration to all.

Women in Motorsport from 1945

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