The Goodwin Trophies
The BWRDC Championship started in 1964 with a trophy presented by Joey Freeman, awarded to a Full Racing member with the best 15 race scores. The winner in 1964, 65 and 66 was Natalie Goodwin, who donated 3 perpetual Trophies to the Club in 1967 - 1st place a silver cake stand, 2nd a silver rose bowl and 3rd a silver dish. The rules have changed several times (in '69, '75 and '80) and points from the best 10 races of any status now count.
Mary Wheeler Embassy Trophy
The Mary Wheeler Memorial Embassy Trophy For The Club Champion
Donated by W D & H O Wills in 1965, renamed in 2013 in memory of our founder. In the days of Embassy sponsorship, 1st prize was The Embassy Trophy, £100 and a car badge. 2nd prize was £50 and 3rd £25. The highest placed member at each race meeting was awarded a silver brooch, shaped like a tobacco leaf.
The Monoposto Trophy
This Pewter Award was presented to the Club in 1987 by The Monoposto Racing Club, to encourage many future lady drivers to race single seaters. It is awarded to a Full Racing Member, with the overall best performance driving a single seater racing car, based on the Goodwin Championship results.
The Jean Denton Trophy
Presented by Jean Denton, (The Baroness Denton of Wakefield CBE (1935-2001 ). This Silver Trophy was donated to the Club in 1970, and awarded to the overall best performance by a competitor in their first year of Full Membership from the Racing Section, Points claimed as per Racing Championship.
VIP Adrenaline Trophy
Donated by Victoria Pickles in 2009 for the best performance driving a Sports or Sports Racing Car.
Hillwood Coupe des Dames
The Hillwood Jewellers Coupe des Dames was first awarded by Val Adaway of Formula Services in 1987, to full members of the Racing Section for most outright race or class wins and class lap Records. The award was at the sponsor's discretion but ceased to be supported in 1992. In 1995 it was revived with a new sponsor, Norman Hillwood, who donated a silver trophy, accompanied by an individually designed piece of jewellery.
The Anita Taylor Trophy
Donated by Anita Taylor in 2009 and awarded for the best performance by a Saloon Car Driver.
Susan Jamieson Award
This ‘Daume’ Crystal Racing Car was donated by Susan & Jeff Jamieson in 1989. Open to all members, it is awarded for the fastest average speed of the year, in any form of motorsport. The driver must have completed a minimum of 2 events of the same category in the same vehicle. No minimum speed was set originally, but it is the opinion of the Committee, whose decision is final, that speeds under 100mph do not qualify.
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