• Cat Lund


Notice of EGM

WEDNESDAY 21st JULY 2021 at 7.30pm

There was a recent notice sent out from the club with regard to our badges worn on fire-resistant race suits, but just in case you have not seen it I would like to bring the below to your attention.

In light of a recent Motorsport UK Scrutineers bulletin it has become apparent that the Club's embroidered badges when worn on flame-resistant overalls do not comply with Motorsport UK regulations. Therefore the Club would like to make competitors to whom these regulations apply aware, and we recommend their removal from fireproof overalls. Competitors in disciplines requiring fireproof overalls should take notice of the following quote from the bulletin regarding badges.

“Stitching to attach the badge can go through all layers. Thread used to attach the badge must be flame-resistant. The backing of the badge must be flame-resistant”

“Where there is a requirement for flame-resistant thread or badge backing, the burden of proof rests with the competitor."

Link to the full bulletin below…


Aside from the cloth badges, some members are unable to display BWRDC stickers on their cars or helmets due to commercial commitments and/or their championship regulations.

Due to the above, the BWRDC committee has decided to hold an EGM (Emergency General Meeting) on WEDNESDAY 21st JULY 2021 at 7.30pm via Google Meet. This is open to all members, any members that wish to attend should inform the BWRDC Secretary at Helenallen3437@gmail.com

This is to effect a change from the current rule:-

Members must display BWRDC cloth badges on their overalls or a BWRDC Visor Sticker on their helmet and Championship contender stickers on the competing vehicle. Any Competitor who has a problem because of other commercial undertakings may ask the Coordinator for an individual waiver at the start of their season.


BWRDC championship contenders are required to promote the BWRDC by displaying club insignia on their competition vehicle, helmet, or race suit where permissible; or other clothing, or via social media platforms, including a mention in pre-or post-race interviews.

If you have any queries please contact your section secretary in the first instance and do let us know if you wish to attend the EGM.

The BWRDC Committee