• Cat Lund


The Committee of the BWRDC have unanimously decided to give all members an additional 12 months membership free.

The Club has made this decision to help members who are missing out on opportunities and competition due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

This initiative will see all members benefit from their existing membership being extended by a full 12 months.

Our Club Chair, Lorraine Gathercole said, “Many of our members also rely on motorsport for at least part of their income, me included, and as much as we hope that some motorsport will take place this year, this is by no means certain, and for most competitors Championships will inevitably be reduced and opportunities limited”.

“We intend to continue to do everything in our power to inspire and support any female who wants to take part in motorsport and to this end we will be making our next Club magazine available to everyone online”.


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Our aim is to promote and support women in all forms of motorsport. 

As a member of the BWRDC you will have the opportunity to tap into the wealth of experience and guidance that a specialist club like ours can offer and the chance to receive recognition for your achievements through our prestigious championships. 


Whatever your chosen discipline, we can help you to get started or offer advice through our Mentorship Scheme if you are already competing.



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