Lord Wakefield Challenge Trophy
From 1920 this was the Women’s Automobile Sports Associated award for 2 annual trials, although other events were taken into account, such as finishing the Monte, or performances in Hillclimbs. During the war it remained in the hands of the last winner, Mrs H Wood. In 1973 she presented it to the BWRDC. The Trophy is currently housed at MSA HQ. It is awarded to a woman for outstanding performances or services to motorsport.
The Georgie Shaw PR Awards
Donated to the Club by current BWRDC President Georgie Shaw, the awards are designed to recognise the skill and creativity of our members and encourage members to promote themselves and the club. One of the awards will be for a Professional who does PR for Club members and/or the BWRDC, and one for a Club Member doing their own PR whilst also promoting the Club.
The Chairman's Cup
After a hatrick of wins, in the first BWRDC Championships in 1964/65/67 by Natalie Goodwin, she was invited to keep the Award. In 2001 Natalie presented it back, and it is awarded at the discretion of the serving Chairman at the time.
Gabriel Konig Cup
This is a specifically commissioned trophy, donated by Gabriel Konig in 2010. The Cup is awarded for international endeavour.
Patty McLaren Award
A glass bowl donated by Patty McLaren in 2012 and awarded for the most Outstanding Achievement in Motorsport, by a Senior member.
Barbara E. Bird Memorial
In 2006, The BWRDC introduced an award for the best performance by a Junior Competition Licence Holder. In 2009 Paul and Kelly Bird donated ‘The Barbara E Bird Memorial Trophy’, to be awarded to the winner
Len Terry Memorial Trophy
Presented by Ray Newell in 2014 to be awarded to the Member with the best performance in a Historic vehicle.
Helen Spence Trophy
Presented by Wendy Hamblin’s mother, Helen Spence, in 1970 and originally awarded to women not holding, nor eligible for a National or International Racing Licence at the beginning of the year. The Trophy is awarded for the best performance from all sections, with Associate members only able to claim points. The winner is announced by the Committee.
The Rabbit Trophy
This antique silver inkwell, was presented to the Club by Josie Tolhurst in 1983. Open to all levels of membership and awarded for the best or most contributions to the Newsletter. In 2012 the condition of awarding trophy was changed to a more generic description of ‘Communications’
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